About Me

Everyone has a unique entrepreneural journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals while embracing your ADHD.


I'm Michell Sierra

After more than 15 years of being an Entrepreneur, I have a deep understanding of the different aspects of running a business - From marketing and sales to operations and finance. 

I have a knack for understanding the needs of my clients and helping them to develop strategies that will help them reach their goals.

I am a great listener and I strive to understand the unique challenges that my clients face. I am also a great problem solver and have an aptitude for finding creative solutions to difficult problems.


Beat Business Obstables

I will help you help identify and address the root causes of any business obstacles you are facing, provide guidance and support to help you navigate through them. 



I will  help you identify and eliminate distractions in your business, allowing you to focus on the most important tasks and achieve your goals.



Working with me will help you to gain insights into business strategies that will enable you to work smarter and more efficiently in your business.

My Story

I am a serial entrepreneur at heart and have been mentoring and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and business owners for as long as I can remember. Making it official and becoming a certified business coach was the obvious next step for me.

I love micro studying and I am continuously learning new skills and strategies to help my clients reach their desired outcomes.

From personal experience I understand the struggles of juggling the demands of a prosperous business while grappling with the challenges of ADHD, which is one of the reasons I choose to specialize in ADHD Entrepreneurship coaching. 

With years of hands-on experience in business behind me, a coaching certification and formal ADHD education, I now empower others on their entrepreneural journey!

"Starting and running my own company was a very daunting and scary process. Michell Sierra helped me put everything in perspective. With great advice and guidance, I am able to grow my company and continue to tackle any obstacles head-on."

- Liva van As

"If it wasn't for Michell I've would have never thought I'd be succesful in business. With her assistance I have all the tools to run my business. I would definitely recommend her to help grow and optimise your business "

- Tharien Basson

"Michell has been invaluable, her support and knowledge have been a tremendous blessing. I am extremely grateful."

- Lynette Steyn

Why I Do It

Living with two ADHDers, I quickly realized the importance of creating a supportive environment by providing structure and clear expectations. It has taught me patience, understanding, and resilience. Establishing routines and setting up systems to help with organization is part of our everyday routine.

This personal experience has motivated me to work with entrepreneurs and business owners with ADHD - I understand the struggles they face, and I am passionate about helping them to succeed!

My Credentials  & Certifications:

  • Brand Management & Alignment from the University of London
  • Certified Business & Entrepreneurship Coach – The Transformation Academy
  • ADHD Management by Virtued Academy International
  • ADHD in the Workplace
  • Executive Functions for ADHD Professionals 
  • Registered Shopify Partner
  • Mini MBA from Careers 365
  • Commercial & Contract Law Certification from the University of Cape Town

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