I work with ADHD-ers

with an insatiable desire to succeed and realise their dreams - Entrepreneurs like YOU! 

With the right guidance and support, being an entrepreneur with ADHD can be a great advantage.

Some of the world's most famous and successful  entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, have used their ADHD to achieve their success - YOU CAN TOO! 

People with ADHD often have a creative and innovative approach to problem solving, which can be very beneficial in the world of business. They also tend to be highly motivated and have a great deal of energy - This can be used to their advantage when starting and running a business.

I will guide you to harness these strengths and turn them into your SUPER POWER!

Ask yourself...

  • Do you know you can do better than you currently are?
  • Do you feel that your restlessness and disorganization fuels your procrastination?
  • Do you suffer from overwhelm and lack of time?
  • Do you look at successful people and think ‘I could do that if…..’
  • Are you finally ready to be the change you need? 

Perhaps you thought it would be easy to run a profitable business, let alone while facing the struggles of ADHD. 

But you now know that isn’t the case.

Great intentions, ideas and a strong desire to be successful are just the starting point. To achieve your dreams and goals, you need more than that.

And I’m going to help you!

Imagine how good it will feel...

to go from constantly sabotaging your efforts, to confidently managing your business, passionately serving your clients and finally reaping the rewards of your hard work in return.


Working with me will:

  • Give you the tools and strategies to effectively organize and optimize your business, tailored to your ADHD strengths


  • Reinforce your abilities as an entrepreneur, empowering you to generate a decent income while navigating the challenges of ADHD


  • Cultivate an inner calmness that comes from understanding and embracing your ADHD traits, allowing you to approach your business endeavours with clarity and focus


  • Gain the freedom to structure your business and work routines in a way that accommodates and optimizes your ADHD tendencies, allowing for increased productivity and success.


I have been supporting & mentoring


for 15 years. Realizing that with mentoring I had the power to change many businesses for the better inspired me to qualify as a Business & Entrepreneurship Coach with a certification in ADHD Management.

Whether it's to navigate the challenges of Entrepreneurship or leveraging you ADHD strenghts to build your dream business, OR BOTH, I'll be there to guide and support you every step of the way!

8 Weeks 1:1 Coaching


My specialized coaching will help you develop the tools, strategies, and clarity necessary to build a thriving business while embracing your ADHD strengths.

I use proven formulas and strategies that will guide  you to fast-track your business and master your unique brain!  

The program gives us enough time to map out specific issues and address obstacles that are keeping you stuck at a functional (you) and operational (your business) level.

Resource Library

  • Lifetime access to my library of ebooks, worksheets and resources for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners 
  • On-hand tools to take charge of your business and continue to make progress between and after sessions 

Out-of-Session Support

  • Continued accountability outside of sessions
  • Get guidance when you need it most and share wins in the moment
  • Accelerate the end result with faster progress, integration and growth 

Get ready To

  • Embrace your ADHD and achieve entrepreneurial success!
  • Cut the chaos and create a clear path forward
  •  Lay the foundation for a profitable and thriving business 




  • Find direction on how to handle current business obstacles
  • Organize and optimize your business
  • Improve your ability to focus and prioritize
  • Learn techniques to manage your time effectively
  • Enhance your follow-through on important tasks
  • Overcome disorganization and procrastination

Let's Propel You to Entrepreneurial Excellence


You deserve to experience abundance and clarity, and this is achievable by managing your business in magnificent ways that align with your ADHD strengths!

That's precisely why I developed my coaching program specifically for ADHD entrepreneurs like yourself.

My specialized coaching program will help you develop the tools, strategies, and clarity necessary to build a thriving business while embracing your ADHD.

  • Experience a tailored service that delivers results against your exact needs
  • Have the accountability of an experienced coach to see you through the tough times and help you celebrate in your successes 
  • Out-of-Session Support to celebrate wins and get quick guidance
  • Get lifetime access to my library of business resources, including ebooks and workbooks

This program is designed to guide you from feeling stuck and frustrated to becoming a successful and action-oriented entrepreneur while embracing your ADHD - Now let's get started!