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Let's Get Serious About Your Online Success

You have big visions and creative business ideas come nonstop. But implementing plans online, and finding the right way to make it work tends to leave you feeling confused and unsure of the next steps.

I get you, I've been there and I 100% got a closet full of the T-shirts!

Think about it - Wouldn't it be great to have a roadmap for your business that actually makes sense to you? With my 15+ years of hands-on experience, a business coach certification and a heart full of understanding I've tailored my coaching to give you exactly that.

I can help you:

Start your online business with Michell Sierra

Start A Business Online

Need help turning your knowledge into a course or have the perfect product to sell online but don't know where to start? You're at the right place!

Grow & Scale Your Online Business

I will provide valuable insights, proven strategies, and innovative techniques to enhance revenue and achieve long-term success.

Solve Specific Obstacles

With my keen understanding of the digital landscape and proven track record, I'll help you navigate through challenges and find solutions. 

Hi, I'm Michell!


I will help you turn your knowledge and passion into opportunities for success. 

I’ve launched and scaled multiple brands to seven figures, and armed with my 16 years of hands-on experience and a qualification from the University of London in brand management, I can show you how to get there too!

As an official Shopify partner, I’m extremely experienced in ecommerce and digital entrepreneurship.

I know from experience that building and scaling a successful business online can be challenging, and that’s why I’m passionate about helping women like you to create the business of your dreams.

No more struggling to turn your passion into a paycheck ‚Äď I‚Äôll help you to create a profitable and results-driven business that‚Äôs built around your expertise and passion!

Why Supporting  Business Owners is Personal …

Being an Entrepreneur for the majority of my adult life, I quickly grasped the necessity of structure and support. I know the struggles of trying to stay on top of the fast-paced digital landscape, getting your product seen in a very competitive environment and scaling an online business.  

This taught me invaluable empathy, resilience, and problem-solving skills that I now pass on to my clients.


Working with me means you don’t have to figure out business problems on your own. 

I get you, I've been there, and together, we can find the solutions you are looking for!

 How do I know that I can help you? 

Well, I have done this exact same thing, not just once or twice, but multiple times, successfully! I have been through the wringer, I have tried and tested the recipe and I know what works and what does not! I have helped dozens of women reach their goals of becoming financially independent and creating a stable, sustainable income, and I will do the same for you!

And this is not just talk, check my Google Reviews to see for yourself! 

Certified Coach

I received my certification as Business & Entrepreneurship Coach in 2022 and have helped dozens of women since then!

Serial Entrepreneur

With more than 16 years of hand-one experience in business, I know the ins-n-outs of running a successful operation

eCommerce Expert

I started & scaled multiple eCommerce brands to 7 figures. With my know-how & expertise we can do the same for you 

Digital Strategist

Armed with a qualification in branding from the University of London & years of marketing experience, digital strategy is my forte!

"Michell is a joy to work with. Her knowledge of online marketing is outstanding and she patiently walked me through the steps needed to get my product in the digital space. I look forward to her guidance as I rebrand my course and propel it towards success. Thank you Michell."


- Maggie Lazarre

"Michell truly exceeded expectations. With her firsthand business experience she provided invaluable guidance. Her tailored approach and dedication to client success make her an exceptional coach." 


- Rachel Wardlaw

"Michell is a very experienced coach with plenty of knowledge on online business matters.  In just with 1 session  she was able to solve 5 different topics I needed guidance on and then she follow up via text once I had some difficulties on taking this points into practice."


- JC Briceno

Ways To Work With Me

I offer virtual coaching sessions via Google Meets or Zoom. 

All coaching sessions (group & 1:1) are conducted in Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

Group Coaching

Bi-weekly sessions of 2 hours coaching, with a max of 4-6 participants. Each participant will have the opportunity to get guidance on one business related question.  Group coaching is a collaborative environment that offers unique perspectives, accountability, and motivation to help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and reach your goals. 


$250 Per Month

2 Hour Group Session Every Second Week

Maximum 4-6 Participants

Minimum 3 Months Required

1:1 Coaching

Private sessions of 60 minutes each. By working 1-on-1 in a private environment, I’ll help you tackle your business obstacles head-on.

We will deep-dive into your urgent questions, and I will be guiding you every step of the way to help you achieve your business goals.



1st Session $160

Thereafter $125 per Session

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions Recommended

Out-of-Session Support Included

 So what's next?

Book a free 20 minute video call where I answer all your coaching related questions. That way you can see if my directive coaching approach and business guidance resonates with you.

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