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As an ADHD Business Owner you need to read this

Oct 26, 2023

It's time to address the elephant in the room – those impulsive online purchases for your business that didn't quite live up to your expectations. We've all been there!

Countless times, I eagerly paid for something, convinced it was the answer to my business challenges, only to be left feeling disappointed and frustrated. I know the frustration and disappointment you've experienced all too well!

The fact is, our tendency to act on a whim can lead us to make impulsive decisions about where we invest our time & money, sometimes with disappointing results. And let’s face it, efficiency is not always on our side, making it even harder to evaluate whether an investment is paying off.

On top of that, hyper focus sometimes lead us to tunnel vision, causing us to miss potential pitfalls in our business decisions!

The good news is that we're in this together, and I’ve got your back! Here are three quick strategies I use when it comes to impulse buying in my business:

Delay Gratification – Give yourself a cooling-off period before you make a non-essential purchase. This might be a few hours, a day or even a week. It allows you to consider whether the purchase is truly necessary.

Accountability Buddy – Share you buying decision with a someone who can help you stay on track. Tell a friend or partner about it and get their input. Sometimes knowing that someone else is aware of your spending can deter impulsive choices.

Remove Your Saved Payment Information – Having to take those extra steps to add a new payment method or to enter card information can help draw your attention away and give you a few extra seconds to reconsider.

Now let's put those disappointments behind us, turn experiences into lessons learned, and let's start making informed decisions! Whether it's about choosing the right business tools, optimizing your workflow, or simply finding the support you need, let me know how it goes! 


PS: If you need help with any of this, check out my ADHD Success Code - I created it specifically for Solopreneurs with ADHD and its packed with focus-friendly content and resources to get your business where you want it to be. Click here to see what it's about. 


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